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JHUMAT JHUMAT CHALA Bhojpuri Chhath Songs [Full HD Song] SURAJ KE RATH

Subscribe our channel for more updates: Devi Bhajan:JHUMAT JHUMAT CHALA Album: SURAJ KE RATH Singer: BELA SULAKHE Composer: AJEET SINGH, ANJANI RAMAGYA Lyrics: VINAY BIHARI Music Label: T-Series If You like the video don't forget to share with others & also share your views. ------ ''jhumat jhumat chala'' ''suraj ke rath'' ''bhojpuri chath pooja'' ''chhath songs'' ''bhojpuri chhath songs'' ''mahuaa channel'' ''jai chhathi maiya'' ''chathi maai'' ''chathi maiyya'' ''mata rani'' ''chath puja geet'' ''lokgeet'' ''bhojpuri devotional songs'' ''bhojpuri divotional geet'' ''bhakti geet'' ''chaath geet'' ''chath geet'' ''jai chhathi mata'' ''kartik maas'' ''kartik mahina'' ''diwali chhath pooja'' ''chath pujan'' ''anuradha Paudwal''