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Yatra Holy Places - Yatra Manimahesh I (Bharmauri Kailash)

Manimahesh Lake (also known as Dal Lake, Manimahesh), situated in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, is a high altitude lake (el. 4080 m.). The name Manimahesh signifies a jewel (Mani) on Lord Shiva's (Mahesh'es) crown. Local people call Manimahesh Kailash peak that stands high close to the lake is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva (Hindu deity). This place is believed to be second to the Lake Manasarovar in its religious significance is that the moon-rays reflected from the jewel can be seen from Manimahesh Lake on clear full-moon nights (which is a rare occasion). It is more likely to be the light reflected from the glacier that adorns the peak, like a serpent on Shiva's neck. So Watch this beautiful video & If You like, don't forget to share with others & also share your views. To Subscribe: Bhakti Sagar: Facebook: ----- ''yatra mani mahesh ki'' ''mani mahesh ki yatra'' ''yatra manimahesh 2012'' ''mani mahesh'' ''mani mahesh darshan'' ''mani mahesh darshan'' ''mani mahesh 2012'' ''har ha mahadev'' ''om namaha shivaya'' ''jai bholenath'' ''mani mahesh temple'' ''manimahesh temple'' ''gulshan kumar yatra videos''