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ABC Song | Alphabet Song for Children (Nursery Rhyme) | Kids Hut

ABC is the first thing that every kid learns. Learning Alphabet Song for children in this way was never so much fun. Watch ABC Song for children & learn Phonic Alphabet song, Learn your Alphabet rhyme & get the first building blocks of English right. Voice : Tulsi kumar ツ --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey kids you learning this Alphabet Song on our KidsHut Channel. Subscribe us for more abc songs, rhymes, phonics & preschool songs, children stories and things kids would love to know: (◕‿◕✿) Join our KIDSHUT Family here : - ☛ SUSCRIBE us: ☛ Like us: ☛ Follow us: ☛ Follow us: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ABC Songs for children Lyrics: A is for Apple, A A apple B is for Ball, B B Ball C is for Cat, C C Cat D is for Dog, D D dog E is for Elephant, E E Elephant F is for fish, ffffff Fish G is for Gorilla, G G Gorilla H is for Hat, H H Hat I is for Igloo, I I Igloo J is for juice, J J juice K is for kangaroo, K K Kangaroo, L is for Lion, L L lion, M is for monkey, M M Monkey, N is for Nose, N N Nose, O is for Octopus, O O Octopus, P is for Pig, P P Pig, Q is for Question, Q Q Question, R is for Ring, R R ring, S is for Sun, S S Sun, T is for Ten, T T Ten, U is for Umbrella, U U Umberella, V is for Van, V V Van, W is for Watch, W W watch, X is for X –ray, X X Xray, Y is for Yellow, Y Y Yellow, Z is for Zoo, Z Z Zoo All of our rhymes and songs makes your child sing, dance and learn these things as they explore the alphabets with funny characters, dancing letters and animals. Learn a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z and sing along with Tia & Tofu ! Enjoy our ABC and Phonics Songs made for your children so they can enjoy and learn as they sing them loud. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ABC songs for children, alphabet songs, nursery rhyme, learn abc, learn alphabets, the abc song, alphabet song, abc alphabet songs, learn alphabets, the alphabet song, nursery rhymes, abc alphabet songs for children, abc phonics, phonics song, children's song, abc songs for children, nursery rhymes, abc song for toddlers, abc alphabet song, ABC Song Phonics, Alphabet Song, Popular ABC Song, children