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Why Do We Get Hiccups ? Hiccup Causes | Things You Want To Know | Kids Hut

Hiccups can be irritating when we get them. But knowing why we get them & how to cure them would surely be of great help.Watch the video & tell your friends & family what to do once they get hiccups.This would surely make them pat your back!! So watch it now!! All Voices: Tulsi Kumar --------------------------------------------------------------------- (◕‿◕✿) Join our KIDSHUT Family here: - ☛ SUSCRIBE us: ☛ Like us: ☛ Follow us: ☛ Follow us: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "hiccups" "why do you get hiccups" "what are hiccups" "how to cure hiccups" "how to get rid of hiccups" "why do i have hiccups" "hiccups causes" "Kids learning series" "science videos" "kids" "learning" "children learning" "kids knowledge" "kids q&a" "kids questions" "learn and play" "science animation" "animation videos" "edutainment video"