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The Fox and The Sour Grapes | Children's Story, Tales and Fables | Kids Hut

Never!! Never!! Never!! give up!! Heard this quite often? Watch the story * THE SOUR GRAPES * and you will know why giving up is not always the option in life. Watch it now. All voices : Tulsi kumar ツ --------------------------------------------------------------------- (◕‿◕✿) Join our KIDS HUT Family here: - ☛ SUSCRIBE us: ☛ Like us: ☛ Follow us: ☛ Follow us: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "the fox and the sour grapes" "the fox and grapes" "grapes and the fox" "fox story" "kids story" "children story" "nursery rhymes" "story" "children" "baby" "bedtime stories" "popular stories""cleaver fox" "animal stories" "lullaby" "sour grapes" "kids story" "famous stories" "moral stories""stories" "tales" "childhood" "children" "Nursery Rhymes"